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This short story is filmed in Oslo, Norway. We follow two traceurs through the Norwegian capital.

The movie is shot with Nikon D3s and two lenses: Nikkor 50 mm (1.4) and Nikkor 28mm (2.8). And the "matrix" shots are made from 17 Nikon cameras (D3s, D3, D700, D300).
The "behind the scenes" movie can be found on DNs App for iPad (can be downloaded from Appstore FREE). It´s on the third issue (also free to download).

Luca Kleve-Ruud ( )

Music by:

Snorre Jøllanger and Preben Hunstad

Executive producer:
Dagens Næringsliv, Aleksander Nordahl, Luca Kleve-Ruud

Assistant manager:
Dag Alvang

Helena Marie Krekling, Didrik Linnerud, Vetle Opedal, Sjur Stølen and Jannik Semb Fredricsson


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