All of our elements and minerals were researched, evaluated, and methodically constructed with an unthinkable level of detail and intention. Outside of minor cleanups and wire removals, there are no VFX shots. Every element, title card and camera move was captured practically in camera (even the lights at the end).

I am so grateful to have worked with such an incredible team, composed of true visionaries. Any lesser artists and this project would never have existed.

Creative + Director •• Caleb Slain
Production Company •• Workhouse Creative
Executive Producer •• Keith Rivers
Line Producer •• Aaron B. Smith
Editor •• Nick Pezzillo
Director of Photography •• Chayse Irvin
Production Designer •• Trae King
Prop Master •• Brent Thomson

Composer •• Kyle Campbell
Colorist •• Chad Terpstra
Sound Mix •• Jakael Tristam

Technical Director •• Ryan Frey
Production Coordinator •• Eli Martin
Composite Artist •• Jacob Schroades
Composite Artist •• Roger Salinas
Composite Artist / CG •• Todd Sheridan Perry
Additional Composites •• Edwon
Additional Composites •• Chace Biddle

P.S. There actually is one shot with CG . . . can you spot it? ;)


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