this was a spontaneous video made on july 1, 2009 in hermosa beach (los angeles, CA)....
amanda had gathered a bunch of folks by announcing a "ninja beach gig" on her blog & twitter. lots of people came, amanda played ukulele for a while, there was a big gorup shotoshoot....then amanda decided it was a fine day for a music video. here's what we did.

thanks to danna (@dannakinsky) who agreed to film (& edit!!)
kirstin vangsness (@vangsness) who helped herd the crowd
lindsey byrnes (@lindseybyrnes) who photographed the whole gig
beth (@bethofalltrades) & sean (@indecisean) for rocking the home bases
mr. jaron luksa for working magic and fixing the audio
MOST OF ALL: thanks to everyone who continues to circle the dream with us.
it's all happening. follow at:

("if you want to sing out sing out" originally by cat stevens)


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