Promo clips for Volume 7 of my royalty free music for film & documentary makers. Get the full album from:

Royalty Free Film & Documentary Music Vol.7: 13 Days Of Nightmares for horror films & dark documentary makers from composer Simon Wilkinson.

The full collection includes all 13 tracks (nearly 50 minutes in total) of dark unsettling underscores, drones and soundscapes aimed at dark documentaries and horror film makers. Inspired by the dark tone of psychological horror films such as The Shining, Session 9 and Texas Chainsaw Massacre and locations such as abandoned asylums and mental hospitals, the 13 tracks are full of dark atmospheres, low rumbling undertones, scraping metallic sounds, childlike menace and an overall musical backdrop of ominous dread.

You can buy the full album of 13 music tracks from my website for use in your films, documentaries, Youtube videos and other visual projects from the website below. Once you've bought the album, you're free to use the music in as many projects and scores as you wish with no further costs.

This album available from:

The stunning images in the video are the work of Urbex photographer Andre Govia and are real life locations of decaying and abandoned mental asylums, sanatoriums and hospitals. All images used with kind permission of Andre Govia.

See more of Andre's amazing photography at:

For more info about my music please see my website:

All music copyright 2012 Simon Wilkinson.
All images copyright 2012 Andre Govia


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