I've been watching them build the new Hydro arena from my window since we moved into our new flat seven months ago so for the forth video of my weekly challenge I decided to finally get round to filming them working on it. Unfortunately for the two days I chose to shoot the weather was absolutely foul which rather hampered both mine and their efforts. Despite the snow, rain and strong winds though I persevered and this is the result.

I was fascinated by the imagery of these tiny figures labouring away on the roof of this mammoth structure. The work has been incredibly slow and there are surprisingly few people visibly working either on or inside the building. As a result it perhaps doesn't make for the most gripping viewing but I'm certain that in years to come when the arena is complete it will be quite an interesting watch to see how they put it all together.

I shot it on my Canon 7D with my Sigma F2.8 70-200mm, Canon F1.4 50mm and F1.8m 85mm lenses.

The music is entitled We're Going Home and is from the soundtrack to the 2009 film Moon.

j vimeo.com/58837222

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