a quick walkthrough on using a Random Effector + a Time Effector to Time Offset animated textures with the Mograph Multishader. The MultiShader is used in Color Brightness mode, which uses a clone's grayscale value to pick a Shader from the Layer list. We use the effectors to output and control these greyscale values.

for cgtalk member JeremyW.
all credits to Per-Anders Edwards. i just put a few of his suggestions into practice.

important remarks :
- at about 3:25, one of the last things i do is lower the Strength of the Random Effector in order to slow down the speed of the loop. Of course this is a mistake. I should have lowered the Strength of the Time Effector !!!

- at about 2:10, i crank up the Weight Transform of the Time Effector. That is not necessary since Weight has nothing to do with this set up. Weight allows you to control the influence of another Effector on the clones. We're not doing anything to the clones, only the shader, so this makes no sense.

j vimeo.com/21302433

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