a short video made by the Armchair Destructivists at Scrapclub :


Armchair Destructivism is a particularly destructive and little known branch of abstract art that uses Gustav Metzgers auto-destructive manifesto (deconstructed and reupholstered) as a reference.

Armchair destructive art re-enacts and analyses the obsession with comfort - the pummeling to which individuals and the masses are constantly subjected.

Armchair destructive art mirrors the compulsive perfectionism of furniture manufacturers - polishing and machining to destruction point.

Armchair destructive art is the kinetic transformation of domestic furniture into public art. In doing so it considers the immense productive capacity, the chaos of caplitalism.consumerism and mass manufacturing. It questions the coexistance of surplus and starvation : the increased stockpiling of chairs (more than enough to seat technological societies ) the disintegrative effect of technology and questions the effects on a population that lives for any length of time in vast soft furnished arenas.

Only by deliberatly and purposefully destroying that which has become so mundane and comfortable can we hope to expose the very nature of our own complacency.

Armchair destructive art involves manual manipulation, destruction and reconstruction. There are forms of armchair destructive art where the artist has tight control over the nature and timing of the disintegrative and regenerative process and there are other forms where the artist’s control is slight.

j vimeo.com/8842961

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