This was actually something I did on commission: Until I landed at my current university, which is providing me with a paycheck fat enough to have managed to ditch the rat-race, I used to work as an art director, first in advertising and then from my own office. This is one of the very last things I must have done commercially and it was to be used during the presentations of a "wellness" club when they were out trying to sign up new punters at corporations. They were emphasizing that less is more, that one should concentrate on the small things and the natural world around us - hence all the small creatures at the end.

They were a young team, just starting out, working on a shoe string budget, which meant no live models or sequences or anything remotely fancy, which is why I ended up using only stock photographs and video effects. There was of course, also a logo and other sales pitch but I cut all of that out and re-rendered a "clean" version for myself. The year, I believe was early 2000. That summer I closed down my business and bade my clients farewell.

I composed the music from scratch for this one as well. Funnily enough the client was unbelievably restless about my having done so and although she did like it, it took me ages to convince her to go ahead and use it and not hire some fancy shmancy jingle writer to compose the score separately. She just couldn't get her head around me, a graphic designer, having composed music. Surely it couldn't be good?

The health club is still around btw. In fact I even signed up a few years ago, when I was during my huge losing weight mission. Never stuck it out, but that was down to me and not them. They did have a fabulous outfit. I just couldn't hack the routine of having to go and ended up sticking to my exercise bike at home.


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