This is the first talk of Thay in the second week of the Summer Opening Retreat, offered in the Lower Hamlet of Plum Village on Saturday, July 4th, 2012.

00:00 Title Screens
01:00 Introduction
03:00 Cultivating Compassion While Listening to the Chant
23:40 Chanting Namo Avalokiteshvaraya


02:22 Bell
03:30 Third exercise: Aware of body (身覺)we often forget that we have a body
06:00 Dispersion is the opposite of concentration
08:00 I think therefore I am not there
09:20 Establish yourself in the here and the now in order to be alive
10:05 The secret of meditation is to bring your mind and body together
11:20 When mindfulness is strong then concentration is born
12:40 Together mindfulness (念) and concentration (定) bring insight (慧)
13:30 Three kind of energy that make up a Buddha
15:20 These energies can be generated by breathing, walking, eating, and sitting. Holiness made of these energies
16:40 Good morning your holiness
17:15 Pour tea mindfully
19:28 To be alive is a miracle
21:20 Insight is enlightenment, insight is awakening
28:00 Mindfulness helps us get out from the prison of past and future
29:50 We have to learn the habits of a free person
30:30 Every step is a celebration
31:10 In Meditation, breathe, body and mind are always together
33:00 You are a bell of mindfulness
36:50 Second exercise: Following your in-breath and out-breath all the way through, First exercise: be with the in and out breath. Fourth Exercise is release tension in body (身行息), the fifth exercise is produce joy (喜), the sixth exercise is to produce happiness (樂), the seventh is to be aware of pain (心行覺), the eight is to embrace and to calm down the painful feeling (心行息)
51:50 As a practitioner we have to learn how to handle fear by using mind and body, using our mindfulness, concentration and insight. The question is how to make good use of the energy of fear. Anger is a dangerous energy, if you don't know how to use it then it will do harm more than good. It is same as using the energy of fire, gas, or electricity. It can be very dangerous. We must rely on ourselves to generate mindfulness, concentration and insight.
55:00 What kind of fear do you have? fear of death? falling sick? We have to understand the nature of our fear, we have to look deeply into our fear.
56:40 What is fear made of?
59:00 Fear is born from the ground of illusion and wrong perception, for example the fear of death. We do not want to think of death. We try to cover up and get busy, but the buddha advises us to bring it up and take a look at it. When we look deeply, birth and death are inter-are. If there is no birth then there is no death, like the left and the right
01:02:00 Every moment of our daily life, there are thousands of cells dying in us. We don't have time to organize a funeral. At the same time there are thousand of cells are born and we also don't have time to organize birthday party
01:03:41 You think death is not there, you think death is 50 or 70 years from now, but death is already taking place and birth also taking place at the same time. You are dying in every moment. You are being reborn in every moment
01:05:00 Are you afraid of failure? You are inhabited by the energy of fear, "I don't know whether I'm good enough to achieve success." Many people become the victim of their success. Many people fail a lot and then they do better and succeed.
01:07:00 Right action - non discrimination
01:11:00 Using the energy of mindfulness, concentration, and insight to realize your success in the here and now
01:12:00 The story of peace walk in New York
01:16:00 The end is the beginning, there is no walk for peace, peace is the way


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