This is the final prototype of our Spatial Media project for ITP, Spring 2013.

Team: Shilpan Bhagat, Yuliya Parshina, Brett Peterson.

Description: We are designing a portable, immersive experience for kids confined to their hospital beds and their families. For more information, go to

Construction: Wooden frame / paper canvas.

Technology: We connected a controller driven by an Arduino Leonardo to a Google API to browse Google Street View Collections. The joystick navigates through the environment while the blue button resets the scene to a new Street View. The browser output is fed into an openFrameworks sketch via an ofxAwesomium addon. Using the syphon protocol (ofxSyphon), frames are fed into MadMapper which is used to projection-map onto the square "tent" prototype. Matrox TripleHead2Go (and the Matrox PowerDesk software) is used to connect two projectors to a single computer.


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