Wall(k) one installment in my First Degree project where I invite my friends to the studio to be photographed with a different concept in mind each time.

The 'Wall(k)' concept came from a blog I am doing called the "RED WALL" where I photograph people passing by a Red Wall. It is a wall I passed by every day to my studio. I started photographing the people walking passed it from the other side of the street. I found it very fascinating how people walked in the street passing each other and hardly noticing the people they are passing. I took this idea to the studio and instead of a Red Wall I used wall paper to make it a little more abstract.

Other installments in the First Degree project are: 'S_PACE', 'YEARBOOK', 'TRAench' and 'Away'.

'S_PACE' vimeo.com/kristoferdb/space
'TRAench' vimeo.com/kristoferdb/traench

'S_PACE' kristoferdanbergman.com/gallery/space/
'Wall(k)' kristoferdanbergman.com/gallery/wallk/
'Away' kristoferdanbergman.com/gallery/away/

j vimeo.com/24299731

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