This video by the GBIF Secretariat presents the first public version of the Nodes Portal Toolkit Startup, a tool aimed at providing an easy way to create a web presence to GBIF Participant Nodes.
The video first briefly presents the tool and the rationale for its creation. Then it continues with a screencast that explains how to install it. It finishes with a description of the review process and how the different GBIF Nodes can contribute to it.

The GBIF Secretariat wants to understand the intentions of Nodes to get involved with NPT Startup. This review will aid in the further deployment and development by GBIF Participants of the NPT Startup.

With this review, the Secretariat intends to learn more about the extent to which the NPT Startup in its current form can meet the needs of its primary target audience:
1. Especially Nodes that are interested in using the NPT Startup,
2. Nodes who wish to serve as an advisor for others in setting up their NPT Startup instance,
3. Nodes that would like to plan development around the NPT Startup and Drupal

The following materials accompany this review:
• A review document, which provides guidance on how the GBIF community can contribute to the review of the NPT Startup. It explains briefly what NPT Startup is, who the target audience is, what the purpose of the review is, and what the way forward is in the development of the NPT. The document is available at
• This video containing the key messages around the goals of NPT Startup, as well as the key features and the installation procedures of the current version of the NPT Startup.
• An example website that is deployed by using the current version of the NPT Startup, which can be found at:;
• A questionnaire to capture feedback from GBIF Participant Nodes on the first version of the NPT Startup that can be accessed at:

Feedback always is welcome at


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