"Endless September"
Lets be honest... as much grit, work and effort as we put into hunting, in reality it's still a vacation. True that we may want, work, and strive our absolute hardest for success on any given hunt, but the fact remains that it's fundamentally an experience that we pursue for our own enjoyment. We are out hunting simply because we want to, and love to. The experiences shared and memories made in the field are priceless. However in addition, and I think just as important, is an awareness that we as sportsmen develop. It's our observations and time in the field that recognize an acute value in wildlife and habitat. The keen outdoorsmen fulfills a role of ambassador to all things natural. Sportsmen know and understand the pulse of the wild. Not for what we can take from it, but for what it gives to us, and is ours to respect and conserve.

With the soapbox speech out of the way, I'd like to share a few "vacation" experiences that my buddies and I have been nothing short of fortunate to call memories. Great memories. The stuff that your best daydreams are not only made of, but the kind that may get you smacked in the head over a candle lit dinner! I invite you to come along and share in some of our greatest memories chasing elk through the wilds of an Endless September.
-Bryan Huskey

j vimeo.com/63097981

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