TITLE OF PERFORMANCE: “Images Remembered”- For El-Funoun Dance Troupe
TITLE OF PIECE: “Al Hajal” (Arabic meaning – “Partridge bird” and English title “Women's Distinctiveness”
Name of performer(s): 6 women from El-Funoun Dance Troupe dancers
Choreographer: Noora Baker
Date of performance: 2009
Location of performance: Ramallah Cultural Palace
MUSIC CREDITS: Haig Yazdijian
LIGHTING CREDITS: El-Funoun Dance Troupe - Noora Baker

A SHORT DESCRIPTION OF VIDEO: A daring piece inspired by the Sufism and the beauty of twirling Dervishes while accentuating the beauty of the woman's body and movement.

This a piece for 6 women, choreographed by Noora Baker and she is also seen dancing as the main dancer (long black curly hair, appearing to the left on the screen in the beginning duet with two women). The work is performed by El Funoun dance Group from Ramallah, Palestine. Noora is a member of the group.

j vimeo.com/18761784

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