This work was funded, in part, by the NIH Roadmap Project: National Alliance for Medical Image Computing (NA-MIC, U54EB005149).
This short video shows the Kitware data processing and visualization web stacks in action.

It illustrates how a user can easily visualize and segment a volume in just few clicks. This is made possible by loading the data from a MIDAS data storage, (2) processing the data using Slicer modules and (3) providing surface model, slice and volume rendering views using the ParaviewWeb javascript library.

- Server side rendering using ParaviewWeb [1]
- Data storage using Midas platform [2]
- Server side processing done using SimpleRegionGrowingSegmentation [3] and ModelMaker [4] Slicer modules coupled with Pydas Midas python client [5]
- Volume rendering with transfer function and sub-grid bounds editor
- "Pure" HTML application (no extra plugins required)
- Mobile device compatible


0:06 - Loading data and initiated the segmentation
0:10 - Slice view
0:18 - Seed point selection for the simple region growing segmentation
0:21 - Naming the output and starting the segmentation workflow
0:38 - Surface model view
0:49 - Segmentation overlay-ed on original image
1:15 - Volume rendering of input volume and output segmentation.
1:26 - Volume rendering transfer function editor
1:30 - Volume rendering sub-grid editor


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