A preview scene from the upcoming journalism documentary film "Breaking The News."

Las Vegas: In this scene the viewer first meet the 27-year-old editor-in-chief of Akzia - Svetlana Maximchenko.

Akzia is Russia’s hot youth

Maximchenko is in Vegas to collect an award for publishing one of the world's best designed newspapers.
She is filmed at at the event and on the strip.


Breaking the News is a multi-year project that examines the profound and rapid changes in journalism and the effects on news gatherers, consumers and the exchange of democratic ideas.

The film is a touchstone that marks an historic period where journalism is rapidly transforming from a reality of single-copy deadlines to instant news created and consumed in a mobile culture.

The changes in the reporting, distribution and consumption of news is having
profound effects on journalists, publishers and consumers. 

U.S Journalist/Filmmaker Robb Montgomery is directing the feature-length film documentary as he travels the world and talks with journalists at publishing houses large and small over a multi-year period.

Journalism is immersed in an era of unprecedented change in both scale and speed.

This story bears witness to the contraction of old media empires and, at the same time, the emergence of the new models of newspapers that appeal to a new generation of networked media consumers.

Montgomery recently previewed interview segments from the ongoing documentary, "Breaking the News", to a room of almost 100 industry leaders in Toronto, Ontario at Ink+Beyond and in Cologne, Germany at the CO/Pop Festival.

His presentation centred around the theme of evolution and how newspapers have to start making revolutionary changes to survive in the natural selection the marketplace imposes on the industry.

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