"The message had to be clear, in your face, inescapable, fast, urgent, exciting and sometime scary mix of images of global capitalism and world poverty...."

Definitely there is only few times that you receive an special projects like this one.
Nicolas Benac, Juan Gélas and Naïve Records approached me to create kind of raw, messy, chaotic, documentary and graphic-visceral expressive lyric video for Femi Kuti, the son of legendary Afrobeat musician Fela Kuti.
An overlapping sequence of messages in a very fast, vibrant and recycled cut-ups yelling the message: "Poverty is winning the game" in a groovy combination with Femi´s song.

Selected & screened by MOTION PLUS - Aix-en-Provence - 2013

Directed by:

MMI Creative

Executive Producer:
Nicolas Bénac

Art & Editing:

Graphics & Color Grading:
Ana Gale

Project Coordinator:
Juan Gélas

Creative Direction:
Nicolas Bénac, Juan Gélas & No-Domain.

Lagos Footage:
Sunkanmi Ajao & Sunday Essien

Record label:

Thanks :
Yannick Do, 360 Creative, Daniel Marazuela

j vimeo.com/64951478

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