Thank you for taking the time to view The Power of Reiki documentary, presented by Lisa Russell, RN, BSN student at Wright State University. The purpose of this special project is to broaden the knowledge base of health care providers, whether it a professional, or the lay person. This healing, while viewed as contemporary, is ancient and will stand the test of time. This special project puts the power of Reiki in various perspectives.

Reiki is still a mystery to many people. It’s hard to believe in something that you cannot see or touch. And many times, taking someone’s word for it still isn’t convincing. It has been criticized as being “all in the mind” or even “made up”. Reiki is a low cost and low risk way to reduce anxiety and increase the body’s ability to heal itself. Not only is it important to seek out alternate ways of healing, it is also important to prevent illness from occurring in the first place.

This special project puts the power of Reiki in various perspectives which make it impossible to deny. The definition of Energy in the American Heritage Dictionary states, “Energy is the capacity for work or vigorous activity; vigo; power.” Energy is not just within a person. It is universal and is in all animals, plants, and in food. Energy in one form can disappear but the same amount of energy will appear in another form. With the help of Jeri Duncan, Reiki Master, this energy work is seen. With testimonials from patients and visual proof in nature we see every day, the benefits of this alternative therapy will manifest. It serves as a compliment to other better known therapies of Western medicine.

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