possible result josefbsharah.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/FlooerGenFinal.jpg
This is a quick (2xspeed) screencast on how to use a single wood texture from cgtextures.com and use it to texture the wood planks of the xpresso floor generator for c4d with the help of BodyPaint 3D ( some photoshop tewaks needed for some varations/randomness )

Get the Floor Generator from here josefbsharah.net/xpresso-floor-generator/ ( Free )
Get the Wood texture from here cgtextures.com/texview.php?id=14249&PHPSESSID=pom7sectaqotnib65d1b9aa7r6 ( sign-up ) you can use a diffrent texture . for a different result
p.s : make sure to change the UV size

HD issues on vimeo ? , watch it on youtube youtube.com/watch?v=RRQmgxk_p7g

j vimeo.com/65408978

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