With the massive swooping body lines and roaring V8 engine pushing out more than 500 horses the MB SLS AMG is easily one of my favorite cars that I have had a chance to film yet. The opportunity was given to me by the Owner of one of the best Rental Car Companies in Miami, John of Lou La Vie.

At first glance, one can see just how immaculate this car is. The massive front hood helps set the front end of the car nice and low to the ground while giving the car an appropriately aggressive look. The way the parts all flow together, from the infamous Gullwing doors and automatic rear spoiler make this car sit real pretty and most definitely stand out and allows you to BE NOTICED whether you want it or not.

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Shot, Edited, Color graded by Christopher Green / VFMEDIA.TV 2013

j vimeo.com/73807384

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