Direction: Fabrizio Boni and Giorgio de Finis
Photography: Fabrizio Boni, Donatello Conti, Giorgio de Finis, Beppe De Lucia, Antonio Di Domenico
Editing: Fabrizio Boni, Chiara Horn, Valentina Romano
Mix audio: M. Croce (New video Project)
Post Production: Marco Gentili
Soundtrack: Bicchiere Mezzo Pieno, Cobol Pongide, La Distanza della Luna, Sante Rutigliano, Thierry Valentini, ByB Twin, Fabio and Gianmarco Lauri
Graphics and Animation: Giulia Barbera and Daniele Zacchi
Post-Production Coordinator: David Colangelis
Produced by: Fabrizio Boni, Giorgio De Finis, Luca Argentero
Production: Irida Produzioni, Inside Productions

What we are about to tell, is a science-fiction story.
But it is also a story about cohabitation, sharing and political commitment. We are about to tell a story of a squat, an artistic challenge. Of a spaceship. But, also, of a museum.
Metropoliz is an ex delicatessen derelict shop, located in a Roman suburb, namely a far, far away galaxy called "Tor Sapienza", one of those godforsaken places that you can see in a Pasolini's movie.
One day a "close"- knit group of Italians, Tunisians, Peruvians, Ukrainians, Africans, nomads decided to break the padlock of a rusted gate, and to make that place feel like HOME to them. They restructured, they repaired, they organized... They tried to live a decent life both heroically and clumsily.
But Metropoliz's new inhabitants were forced every day to struggle for their rights, because people on the Earth did not quite understand how they could live in complete peace and happiness with each other and envied them.
Tired of being under siege, one day they decide to abandon the barriers and escape once and for all from the centrifugal force shoving them aside from civil society, preventing them home, work, health and rights. Their project is quite simple: building a rocket which would fly them to the Moon.
This is the story as envisioned by two directors who have dealt with housing emergencies for years – to tell the tale of a mestizo city squatting at Via Prenestina.
To address the topic of the Moon – a blank sheet where everything is possible – philosophers, astrophysics, astronauts, ufologists, radical architects and artists were summoned. For one entire year – the Occupy Wall Street year – they held an unprecedented cinema and artistic construction site.
Despite daily hardships and needs, Metropoliz inhabitants were strong and creative enough to respond to this challenge, by building a telescope and a set-to-launch rocket, winning the greatest challenge of all: proving that art can change the world, dream and imagination belong to everyone – with no exceptions. And that everything can symbolize redemption and change.
Today Metropoliz continues defending the right to property. It hosts MAAM, Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove di Metropoliz, which will slowly turn the factory in a super collective art object.


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