Adobe Youth Voices / iEARN-Romania. School/Organization: Colegiul National "Ecaterina Teodoroiu". Educator: Mihaela Runceanu. Project Description: When someone has bad experiences in his or her childhood, those moments remain printed in their memory. Childhood bullying can cause many unimaginable "Scars" to the ones being bullied, and also to the bully. Many children who are bullied start to get depressed, and with this comes the refusing of going to school, the lack of sleep and appetite, even the thought of committing suicide.
Before it's too late, let's try to transform the bad story in a happy one.
Instead of hurting yourself or hurting the other side, try to concentrate your feelings of insecurity, hesitation, not trust, fear or anger on something constructive. Through drawing, music, sports, studying, cooking or any other activity, you can create amazing products and also share with us your feelings. Don't hide, share.


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