In 2011 Damon Pfaff and Marcel DaCosta secured a United Way of Peel Region and Region of Peel, Youth in Action Grant. Their idea was to give the youth of Peel a chance. A chance to be all that they could be through B Boy dancing. This is the RHYTHM project.

Now, in their second year, and with a second consecutive grant, their aim is to take the RHYTHM project to all new heights and give more youth access to this art form.

Shooting: Anand Chandy and Amanda Secord
Editing: Anand Chandy

RHYTHM FINAL TRANSCRIPT (Total Length - 3:46 [1 second pad at end])
00:00 – GFX – Change Starts Here
00:04 – Music off the top (Turntables/Hip Hop Beat)
TEXT – In 2011 two young men secured a United Way of Peel Region and Region of Peel Youth in Action Grant.
Their mission was to give the youth of Peel a chance to be all that they could be through B-Boy Dancing. This is RHYTHM
Sound Up – (Marcel) …You Ready? (Kids together) YEAH! (Marcel) GO!
00:50 - Name Aston Band – Christian Mohammed Workshop Participant.
00:53 – Amanda (Question) – So when you first started, what was it like?
00:551:00 – (Christian) “I was pretty shy; I think I still am a bit.”
1:01 – Name Aston Band – Marcel DaCosta, Damon Pfaff RHYTHM
1:01 - 1:16 - (Damon) It was definitely very interesting to see all those people all those people change so much; from coming into our classes and being very shy; not really knowing how to communicate with each other; not knowing how to say “hi” to each other; to now. Now they take the bus together; the go on to our Facebook thread and go, “Hey, who’s going to this practice? Let’s all meet up and go together.”
1:17 - 1:40 - (Shazad) I think RHYTHM is very important to youth or people my age because a lot of the time, people get caught up in bad things like drugs and violence. I think dancing’s definitely an alternative way to get out of that – to sort of have your own world. So it definitely helps you that way. It also helps you develop many life skills that are important; it’s exercise too – there’s just so many things you can get out of it. Why would you not do it?
1:27 – Name Aston Band – Shazad Omarali Workshop Participant
1:40 - 1:46 - (Daniel) Most people do it to impress. But it (Break Dancing) actually taught me to express myself to the fullest. That’s why I appreciate it.
1: 42 – Name Aston Band – Daniel Gallo Workshop Participant.
1:47 - 2:05 - (Marcel) Some of the stories I remember hearing from some of these youth were, “I wasn’t really into school. I wasn’t really feeling the flow and the process of how school went and after RHYTHM I started to understand how the process of school could actually go; and how I could contribute to not only student body, but my own learning experience.
2:06 - 2:19 - (Shazad) Since I’m dedicated to dance as well as school, I have to make sure that I’m not wasting any time on the computer or hanging around outside. I always put all my effort into studying when I’m studying; all my effort into dance when I’m dancing and all my effort into whatever I’m doing.
2:20 - 2:43 - (David) I first became aware of them when I saw these incredibly talented young dancers at the United Way of Peel Region celebration event a few months ago. That’s when they really got on my radar and I thought about how proud I was as the executive director of an agency that’s sponsoring these young people to do amazing work in dance, throughout the community of Peel.
2:23 – Name Aston Band – David Clement Rapport Youth & Family Services.
2:44 - 2:56 - (Christian) I expect to be a lot more focused on different stuff that I want to learn. Like, I want to know that I’m going to do this stuff (studies or dance) for this much amount of time. I want to succeed.
2:563:18 - (Marcel) Straight up. When you’re dancing and when you’re involved in dance and knowing dance; you get a strong sense of identity; you get a strong sense of community (where your community is); you get a feeling of empowerment and what that is – that it uplifts people and gives them a sense of situating themselves in their community. It gives them, you know, an opportunity and a platform, right?
3:193:32 – Music & Closing Visuals
3:333:38 – GFX – United Way of Peel Region
3:393:45 – GFX – All That Kids Can Be


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