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The video directed and edited myself, was shot over the course of two weeks in locations around London, Wells North Norfolk and towards Paris. The concepts for the video came out of a personal response and interpretation to the music. Much like dancing to the piece for the first time, I wanted the image to move in direct accord with the beat tempo and the feel of the melody. As the volume and tension build up, I envisaged the point of view moving underground and the tangents becoming more sinister for moments. I think this feeling comes across and pictures serve the music well.

I wanted to keep up the urgency and forward motion by using visual metaphors such as escalators, lifts, trains, gravity and wind, mechanisms we trust without being in control of motion. As the track builds it becomes richer and the melodies take you into more fluid and lucid areas. I felt it was good to introduce and dissect narratives against themselves. For example having three sequences running parallel, you could say interrupting or disconnecting each flow was a provocative way at augmenting the pulse of the music in a visual sense. I didn’t find it a problem not having a clear resolution to the phrases, and found that there is a counterpoint between natural elements and digital dimensions, which are reasonably straightforward. Please enjoy! C.Tirrell


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