• One of the most important things about the APA 6th edition is its strong emphasis on values, ethics, and integrity in social sciences writing
• The 6th edition added self-plagiarism to the definition of plagiarism, which means you cannot submit the same research or assignment multiple times

• The 6th edition also introduced some changes about the structure of papers
• The font must be Times New Roman, where students used to be able to use Courier
• The Running Head is now in the header, not slightly below the header
• The title is placed on the upper half of the first page, not halfway down the first page

• The APA Manual 6th edition expanded its definition of bias in language, emphasizing that writers refer to people with descriptive phrases rather than with labels.
o For example, you might say “the woman who used a wheelchair” rather than “the handicapped woman”

• The new APA edition also changed a few aspects of mechanics and style that you will need to know
• First, instead of placing one space after the end of a sentence, now you must use two spaces
• If you include more than one appendix in your paper, the plural of the word is now appendices, not appendixes

• If you want to display statistical results in your paper using a visual, only do so if it adds new information to the text of your paper
• The APA 6th edition also has a stronger emphasis on labeling graphs, especially for biological data

• Most of the changes to the new APA style involve citing sources
• For example, you do not need to include the year of publication when you cite a source multiple times in the same paragraph
• The use of secondary sources, where one source has been cited in another, is now discouraged in the APA manual
• The 6th edition APA manual also includes completely new citations for lots of electronic sources such as podcasts, data sets, archival web documents, online message boards, and many more

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