Who said normal people can’t work the 12 steps? Just because these steps are usually reserved for people who have “serious” addictions doesn’t mean “normal” people can’t get help too!

The beauty of these steps is that they help us see when we’re trying to control things we have no control over and then help us let go and ask for help, take responsibility, and apologize when we hurt others! Who would have imagined that apologizing was a spiritual practice?

This has less to do with “hard core” addiction, and everything to do with ego! Which applies to everyone!

Issues with lust, power, control, drugs, etc, DO NOT simply go away by themselves after some experience of oneness or enlightenment or God! It takes a lot of self-reflection, conscious “letting go”, and the ability to ask for help regularly.

I have translated the 12 steps to be more palatable to “normal” people. Please join us to learn what these steps are and how they can help us all end our suffering, addictions or not!

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