Manly2015 Masterplan Video Copyright Manly Council

Tai Rophia, Director CHROFI

"As locals and urban designers, the potential of the Manly CBD is very clear to us. We were asked to make a video that communicated this to everyone else. The 2015 Masterplan is the product of around 5 years of urban design thinking, traffic and financial modelling. The Manly 2015 Video is a concise summary of this into 3 mins 33 secs. Challenge for us was to tell such a complex story in a clear and legible manner. But with video technology, we were able to communicate complex information such as how removing vehicular conflicts can unlock the potential in our town centre and provide diversity of spaces for locals. Spatial orientation and reading maps / diagrams can be very difficult, so we had to imagine new ways to show the different spaces around Manly CBD. We would like to thank the production team for all their hard work: Dean Wells (motion graphics, editing, production), Jonathan Chambers, The Chamber (animation, fly-through) & Squint Opera (visualisation stills).

We would also thank the project team:

Bitzios Consulting
Hill PDA


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