My first actual joint-produced video, Spring Spectacle 2003 was created along with Andy Durst and his film company Durstco. Naturally, the antics just got cheesier.

Actually, that's just par for the course for Spring Spectacle videos, if you haven't noticed.

• The Spring Spectacle Video Olympics
• Opening Titles / Music Video
• Chapter Focus Week 2002 Slideshow
• Chapter Focus Week 2002 Video
• Cooking with Casey
• NSO Fall Picnic
• Costume Party
• IVCF: The Reality TV Show
• Fall Conference 2002 Slideshow
• This Old Bus
• Fall Conference 2002 Video
• Fall Conference 2002 Extended Video
• Return to Windows
• Brewers Game
• IV Time
• IVCF: The Reality TV Show continued
• Winter Conference
• Mad Scientist Interviews
• The Bilhorn Pass
• The Rest of the Slides Slideshow
• The Video Is Over (BOOM)
• End Titles / Blooper Reel


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