CHANT : NEED Music Film - Viewer Discretion Advised

The NEED Music Video is an art film concept created by Bradley Bills of Austin based Industrial Rock group CHANT and VJ Greekfire - pushing emotional limits of viewers by using images of lust and desire as a metaphor between sexual fantasy and the compulsion and uncontrollable urges felt by serial killers. The Official Music Video of CHANT's single: NEED from their album 'Strong Words For Strong People' - this film is intended for mature audiences only, who are appreciative of art representing expression and a vehicle to invoke emotional responses rather than just entertain and amuse.

- Written and Directed by Bradley Bills
- Art Direction: Bradley Bills / VJ Greekfire
- Film / Photography / Editing by VJ Greekfire
- With Ashley Monette & Kristin Tesh [All actresses over 21]
- Logistics / Support: Kevin Lynch

Released 8.17.2012

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