The second annual Community Film for the Oxford Film Festival.

During a performance of a community theatre's murder mystery play, an actor is actually killed. With a state arts commissioner in attendance to determine future funding for the theatre, the cast and crew have no choice but to continue with the show.

Presented by
The Oxford Film Festival
Magnolia Hill Entertainment
Sam & Mary Haskell, Zach & Amy Scruggs
The Lafayette Oxford Foundation for Tomorrow (LOFT)
and Media and Documentary Projects

Written and Directed by
Matthew Graves

Produced by
Melanie Lynn Addington
Diala Chaney
Michelle Emanuel
Molly Fergusson
Micah Ginn

Executive Produced by
Sam Haskill
Zach Scruggs
Andy Harper

Director of Photography
Gabe Mayhan

Production Designers
Laura Cavett
Andy Douglas

Production Coordinator
Melanie Addington
Matthew Graves

First Assistant Director
Matt Minshew

Script Supervisor
Michelle Emanuel

1st Assistant Camera
Micah Ginn

Ty Coke

Key Grip
Christian Hawkins

Josh Malloy

Location Sound
Gregory Gray

Lead Man
Andrew George

Production Assistants
Jill pecoraro
Karen Tuttle
Mary Stanton
Chris Williams
Melody B. Watson

2nd Unit Gaffer
Gregory Grey

Focus Pullers
Micah Ginn
Matt Minshew

Meaghin burke
Laura Cavett
Andrew Douglas
Andy Harper
Matt Minshew

Set Design and Construction
Andrew Douglas

Paint Crew
Andrew Douglas
Andrew George
Jill Pecoraro

Set Destruction Crew
Melanie addington
Andrew Douglas
Andrew george
Jill pecoraro
Laura warner
Melody watson

Wardrobe and Props by
Laura Cavett

Additional Props provided by
John cavett
Matt Minshew

Costumes Provided by
Costume World – Tupelo, MS

Additional Costumes Provided by
Genevieve Fortner
Oxford Ballet School - Oxford, MS
Clay cavett
Andrew douglas

Makeup and Hair Stylist
Jaclyn Austin
Laura Warner

Set Photographers
Michael Stanton

Courtney Hall
Papa John’s Pizza

Legal Counsel/Finances
Molly Fergusson

Editing and visual fx by
Matthew Graves

Main Title Design by

Music provided by
Nonstop music
Internet archive

Copyright© 2012 Oxford Film Festival


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