Bridging Book is a children's mixed-media picture-book that blurs the line between printed and electronic books. It consists of a printed book and a digital device, placed side-by-side, with synchronized content. Thumbing through the book's pages triggers the device to display the complementary digital content. The physical book requires no batteries or wires.

In the current version, the printed illustrations on each page of the physical book are extended into the device screen, offering further interaction. The content can be explored both linearly by reading and thumbing the printed book and/or exploring the interaction on the digital device.

. . . . . . .

This work is funded by FEDER through the Operational Competitiveness Programme — COMPETE — and by national funds through the Foundation for Science and Technology — FCT — in the scope of project PTDC/CCI-COM/119030/2010, EngageBook: touch, read and play.

Book concept: Ana Carina Figueiredo; Ana Lúcia Pinto; Nelson Zagalo; Pedro Branco
Implementation and animation: Ana Carina Figueiredo
Printed book and illustrations: Ana Lúcia Pinto
Acknowledgements: Tomé and Cromotema

music: Moonove, Delta []


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