Once again, the Rückenfigur (back figure) with light, memory and a public art installation in NYC. In this work the Rückenfigur literally is walking backward and forward; toward the light and darkness and /or away from it. I created a mash up from the sound I recorded on site with some electronic sounds. I filmed this inside the Park Avenue Tunnel in New York City during the fantastic “Voice Tunnel” a light and sound installation by artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. My video piece is not a documentation of the installation but a render of my experience of it, the moment, place and people and of course the sound an important element of Rafael's piece.

For a more straightforward documentation of the event please google "Voice Tunnel" along with the artist's name you will get many many wonderful options as it was a well covered happening. Below is an explanation of the installation as published by the Department of Transportation, one of the commissioning agents.
About "Voice Tunnel"
"Voice Tunnel" an interactive light and sound installation by Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, transforms the New york City 1,400 foot long Park Avenue Tunnel with 300 theatrical spotlights that produce glimmering arches of light along the tunnel’s walls and ceiling. Participants influence the intensity of each light by speaking into an intercom at the tunnel’s center that records their voice and loops it. Louder speech increases the lights’ brightness proportionally, creating a Morse-like code of flashes throughout the tunnel. The individual voices can be heard as pedestrians walk through the tunnel, on 150 loudspeakers, one beside each light arch and synchronized with it. At any given time, the tunnel is illuminated by the voices of the past 75 participants. As new participants speak into the intercom, older recordings get pushed away by one position down the array of light fixtures until they leave the tunnel, so that the content of the piece is constantly changing.

j vimeo.com/72754335

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