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A video collaboration series with Art Center Luca Priori and Kiera Malone.


Artist: Kiéra Malone (Besançon, France) Paintings Drawings.

© Audiomachine - "Knights and Lords" from the album Epica.

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© Clint Mansell - "Lux Æterna" from the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack.

© Two Steps from Hell - "Eyes Closing" composed by Thomas J. Bergersen from the album Illumina.

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Kiéra Malone is a french woman realist painter.

Lives and works in Besançon, France.

Great master of eroticism, the female figure is at the center of the painting of Kiera, his female nudes reflect passion, love and sensuality, united in this context by a technique of the painter really excellent.

Eroticism and sensuality in painting and Kiera are primary elements characterize each work: his women convey an incredible erotic charge in a unique style.

An exaltation of femininity through the eroticism in a journey full of beauty, passion and sensuality.

Oil paintings, charcoal drawings, pastel dry.

Their different styles are combined in a perfect combination that surrounds his work.

Kiéra us so absorbed with his portraits of men and women, as with his paintings ethnic or fauna. Everything has a place in the work of this artist in no time at odds with the whole.

"Amour, sensibilité, innocence, bonté, fragilité... un sourire, un regard, une larme... source d'inspiration inépuisable!"

"Je me nourris de chaque expression...puisant dans l'âme l'éternelle recherche de l'autre!" - Kiéra Malone.



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