From the individuality of self-possessed, mediated bodies docked to hand-held devices to asynchronously organized political bodies taking down state actors, the disparities between bodies of control and embodied minds are increasingly networked under a perpetual state of construction. If one accepts that our individual bodies are distributed across processes of making and unmaking, then the concept of a singular, anthropocentric understanding of the self in the world is disrupted. The body is at once actor and object. Cascading in the ephemera of media, these knowledge-producing bodies arrest conventional structures of power and expand the types of work available to intellectual, creative, and productive life.

This critical conversation on body develops a correspondence around the conception of a 21st century polyvalent body within a complex neuro-chemical, bio-mechanical and geo-political network of mutually constructed practices and spaces. The autogenic body claims disability, or to be termed disabled, a profoundly creative drive that produces unique types of knowledge and radically alters structures of the social body. In contrast to the predominance of health debates within a medical model, the motivation of this dialogue promotes a social construction of health in order to detect emerging types of communication and interfaciality, aesthetics and constraints, and the augmentation of the body as a basic human right – which among many, is to differ.

Robert Adams, Moderator
- Vito Acconci, Designer, Brooklyn, New York
- Francesca Lanzavecchia, Lanzabecchia + Wai Designers, Milan and Singapore
- Tobin Siebers, University of Michigan
- Hunn Wai, Lanzabecchia + Wai Designers, Milan and Singapore


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