As the smoke clears from the epic battle, we venture through an array of monsters, machines, and their monumental feats. IF worked closely with the film's director Guillermo del Toro to present his colossal creations in stylistic fashion, combining macro-photography and a graphic novel aesthetic in stereoscopic 3D.

Creative Director: Miguel Lee
Producer: Brian Butcher
Designer: Miguel Lee
Lead Animator: Ryan Summers
Animators: Eric Demeusy, Miguel Lee, Jae Namkung
Modeler: Aamir Karim
Assistant Editor: Michael Radtke
3D Stereoscopic Conversion: Ryan Summers, Eric Mason
Flame: Eric Mason
Additional Visual Development: Jae Namkung, My Tran, Alejandro Lee
Coordinator: Joseph AbouSakher, Ryan Speers

Studio: WB
Director: Guillermo del Toro
Post Producer: Sara Romilly

By: Ramin Djawadi


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