The Monday morning after a wonderful and safe 2012 Graham Field Fly-In, which had a record 85 airplanes show up, the “core group” of about 12 planes took off towards Wild and Wonderful West Virginia for a week long exploration tour.

First stop was at Parkersburg’s class D tower controlled airport for breakfast. And thanks to the hard work of friends from Hale’s Landing, we had maybe the first approved grass landing area at a class D airport in West Virginia. We were greeted by the airport manager even, and it is now approved for “the fat tire” gang.

We did several uncharted hay field strips and ended up at Fayetteville for the night. The whole town welcomed us. Chris, the owner of Wild Blue Adventures gave us his restored WW-2 Army jeep for us as a courtesy car, and opened up his cabin for us to use. A local doctor brought breakfast and coffee in the mornings. The TV station sent reporters to interview and film us, as did the newspaper. Fayetteville was so good to us, that the troops refused to move on to the next stop, and stayed an extra night there.

Some other places we landed were Paul Harvey’s 1,000 ft. strip near Beckley, Herold’s 1,400 ft. strip, at Craigsville, a strip near Diana, Bob Armstrong’s High Rock strip, the Millstone near Burlington, Buck & Steve Renker's Indian Motorcycle museum, Heaven’s Landing, and many more small unique places I can’t name right now.

Planes came and left during the week. As near as I can figure, a total of 19 planes participated in the big fly-out.

NOTE: Last year’s slideshow was made entirely from other people’s pictures. Due to the fact that almost no one sent me pictures, these are all from me, so the quality is less. Anyway, you can see how beautiful West Virginia is. Maybe next year you will join us??? John

Music: John Denver's Country Roads and Dolly Parton's kick-ass version of it.


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