I went out for a wander with my new HV30 and Letus Mini on Saturday, but a bunch of problems (a brutal hangover, backfocusing with the Letus, forgetting to switch it on and general focusing difficulties on the small LCD of the HV30) led me to give up for the day, come home, set up the HV30 (sans-adapter, but with a ND8 graduated neutral density filter) on my balcony, set it running and kick back with some chocolate soya milk. I had it previewing on my 37" LCD via HDMI, which is nice to be able to do and a shame I couldn't cart that round with me for the Letus!

It ran out of batteries before it ran out of tape, after my afternoon wander, but still got plenty motion for a timelapse and to spend an evening playing around with Magic Bullet Looks and finessing the slow pan technique courtesy of Mr Philip Bloom. I probably went a bit over the top with the MBL, but I like the dramatic effect.

The music is part of the soundtrack from The Assassination of Jesse James. I think I'll probably keep experimenting, out and about, with my Letus/HV30 combo till I find 2.30 minutes worth of footage to mix this in with, for the complete length of the track and pull back the grading to something a bit more natural. But here's this taster for now.

j vimeo.com/895240

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