Tiring of her parents' boring dinner parties, a young girl
 comes up with a surprising scheme to make this one work for her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There are quite a few people or organisations who we couldn't have made this film without. The Roundhouse for providing funding and assistance, Esme Solnick for letting us use her house and sharing her worldly wisdom, Guy Gotto for arriving on the day and being thrust into the DOP seat, Sami for finding most of the cast and busting a gut on the sound design and music, Mia for letting us use her house to spend countless hours in a dark room with tiny horses, and then Jony and the Levins for helping out in all kinds of ways. And then there's the rest of the cast and crew who all did a sterling job. So thanks a lot everyone.

Film by Faye Planer and Tristan Martin

DOP - Guy Gotto
Composer and Sound Designer - Sami El-Enany
Sound Mastering - Joseph Munday
Piano - Sami El-Enany
Violin - Caragh Campbell
Cello - Rosalind Asprey
Executive Producer - Marta Sala Font
Animation Assistants - Patrick Burley and Daniel Levin
Production Assistant - Jonathan Levin

Winning Girl - Eve Reekie
Losing Boy - Joshua Matengu
Losing Girl - 
Leila Biggs

Host - Duncan Reekie
Hostess - 
Colette Reekie

Guest 1 - Nina Planer

Guest 2 - Adrian Matengu 

Guest 3 - Andy Parks

Guest 4 - Anna Orford

Funded by the Ex-Animo Online Film Fund Scheme as part of the Roundhouse’s Creative Programme for 11-25’s.

j vimeo.com/51667738

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