What do you think the heart of Shanghai is? Is it a place? A feeling? A smell? A person?

A Shanghai based musician, artist, fashion designer, sommelier and photographer give their answers in this video which is part of a series of commercial documentaries, that introduce a social media campaign for Shangria La Hotels, asking people to answer the question: What is the heart of Shanghai?

The campaign launch coincides with the opening of Shangri La's new flagship China property in Jing'An, Shanghai.

To see other films in the series, learn more about these characters or answer the question for yourself — see the campaign web site here: all.vic.sina.com.cn/heartofshanghai/

Characters seen in this video additionally have 1-minute explanation videos of their answers to what they think is the heart of Shanghai.

Artist: vimeo.com/71890399
Photographer: vimeo.com/71890398
Designer: vimeo.com/71890401
Jazz Musician: vimeo.com/71890334
Sommelier: vimeo.com/71890333

Agency: Oglivy & Mather Advertising Hong Kong
Client: Shangri La Hotels
Executive Producers: Mikyung Kim, Andrew Zhu, Meira Zhu
Director: Jonah M. Kessel
Director of Photography: Jonah M. Kessel
Cameraman: Jonas Schoenstein
Field Sound Engineer: Gaetan Lourmiere
Field Producer: Catrina Siu
Production Assistant: Kai Wang
Research Assistant: Tong Wu
Editor: Jonah M. Kessel
Graphics: Jonas Schoenstein
Music: "Happy Me" by Christopher Brooke, licensed through Audio Network.

j vimeo.com/71890431

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