This 1978 two-part, surprisingly interesting, “Day in the life of” video chases the late Claudia Pryor, TV news producer for KGO in San Francisco, through typical Saturday late night news shift. It was produced for Professor Gorden Greb of the San José State University Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. Glen Pensinger and I made it.

This project was planned from the beginning to focus on Claudia. We really wanted to see inside the world of Valerie Morris, a KGO-TV anchor and very successful graduate of our SJSU Journalism program. But we thought focusing on her producer would give students a better understanding of what's really going on. Sadly on the day of the shoot, Valerie is in a hospital recovering from a bruised back.

When you set out to do a project like this, you hope for a smooth day that makes everybody look good. Without giving away too much here, that's not quite what happens here.

In this first part, Claudia starts her day at 5:50 pm and immediately gets started with an orientation from the 6:00 pm producer. Shortly thereafter, a story breaks about an industrial accident, and it merits serious attention. She contacts her executive producer and gets permission for some staff overtime. Then she talks a cameraman into staying at work longer, and gets a reporter to leave a party she's throwing to go and do an interview with the person who's been hurt.

When this show was done in 1978, there was still film being shot in the field, there were no computers, no Chyron or PaintBox graphics, or robotic studio cameras.

Also included here is a scene with the late Boston pitcher Tony C (Tony Conigliaro,) who was then a sports anchor for KGO.

As Claudia continues to organize her show, all the while she’s waiting for the results of the interview to come in.


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