Individual copyrights in this piece are the properties of their respective owners, but savvy internetarians know that these two Lyn Faber classics were originally released as a medley off the cassette-only "Feverish Murmurs From A Sick Man's Dreams"; both videos were issued as separate files, but are now available as they were first recorded in 1991!

That Clock Is Broken features classic Dr Smith synched up to unauthorized audio sampling of the Green Hornet's radio theme, and American Psycho storms into your CPUs with vintage footage from Chinese and American military training films (and rap-along lyrics).

Both songs were first recorded as 4-track audios on a Fostex X30, with video made about 5 years later in the mid-1990s, using Avid VideoShop on a Macintosh 7500, giving you more than two-minutes-forty of freshly doped digital chill. Word.


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