Martial.ART is a series of short videos that aim to promote various fighting styles as art forms. The aim of the series is to explore the differences between these martial arts and in the process, realize the similarities between all martial arts styles.

As a pilot, Benjamin Ow and Alycia Goh from Hayashi-Ha Shitoryukai, Singapore demonstrates various Katas while 6th Dan Black Belt Shihan Michael Sim explains Karate to the audience.

Director/Cinematographer - Bruce Lim
Producer - Christopher Khor
Sound - Hady A. Hamid

Interview - Shihan Michael Sim

Demonstration - Benjamin Ow
Alycia Goh

Music "Honshirabe" by Miyata Kohachiro

Special Thanks - Michael Oliver

Shot in a studio with the SONY NEX 6 with the Voigtlander 35mm f1.2 and 28mm f2.


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