Televisual has teamed up with Aerial Director of Photography Jeremy Braben of Helicopter Film Services, Director of Photography Ed Moore, and grading artist Dado Valentic at Mytherapy to create this beautifully shot series of aerials of London. Filmed in 4K on a Sony F65, the footage was shot on a strikingly clear evening in mid-February and captures key London landmarks as you've never seen them before.

This is a Televisual Media UK production in partnership with Helicopter Film Services, Ed Moore, and MyTherapy. We have more than 20 minutes of raw 4K footage shot above London including many familiar landmarks. If you’d like to purchase footage from this film for your own production, we can supply clean or pre-graded 4K or down-converted to HD.

If you’d like to discuss usage, please contact James Bennett by email -

Make sure you watch this in HD on vimeo to get the most out of the footage. Or if you're heading over to NAB, you may be lucky enough to see it in 4K.

Jeremy Braben: Aerial DP
Ian Evans: Pilot
Helicopter Film Services: Aircraft and Super-G mount
Ed Moore: Co-ordinating DP
Dado Valentic: Colourist
Jake Bickerton: Editing, Interviews
James Bennett: Producer
Alucidnation 'Widescreen View': Music


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