On March 4, 2010 I executed a 3-hour performance in The Autzen Gallery at Portland State University. Inside of the space there were five baby-sized coffins. Each had a metronome in its interior that was quietly ticking. At the start of the performance I used a propane torch to ignite devices that produced a large amount of sage smoke inside of each of the coffins. With the lids closed, the coffins emitted curls of smoke from the cracks at their tops. I then stripped and began to dismantle a sixth coffin with a Japanese saw. At times this process was slow and methodical and at others it was loud and violent. Periodically I would stop sawing and re-light the sage. At the end of the performance the pieces of the dismantled coffin were arranged neatly on the floor of the gallery. I then put my clothes back on and exited the space. Many thanks to Patrick Rock for making this show happen. Thanks also to Leland Scantlebury for shooting and editing this video. Go here to see and learn more about this project: lucasmurgida.com/960/grip-grasp-grope-and-fondle/


j vimeo.com/10253056

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