Personal views and impressions of the City of Vancouver were shared by typing in comments which morphed into digital postcards on the 'Voice It' table. Each entry also automatically generated a digital ribbon that traveled along the length of the table before lighting up an origami chandelier made up of 101 LED globes, folded for Tangible by local origami master, Joseph Wu.

Commissioned by the City of Vancouver for Vancouver House during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Tech info:
Coded in Open Frameworks.
5 computers running Most Pixels Ever, Box2D and Optical Flow over a network to create a seamless surface with 5 projectors.

Every computer was equipped with an IR camera. An adaptive system had to be created on site since we had some extremely unexpected sun in the middle of our winter.

Custom processing controlled the array of 100 origami LEDs, triggered by the main table when public entries were added and the ribbon crossed the table. The entries were saved to a database and accessed remotely for moderation.

2 month project timescale.


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