It is widely understood that material properties have expressive and symbolic value, yet evidence of the way an object is made - the activity of rendering, the alchemic changes in the kiln - are often forgotten as a means of reinforcing or elaborating on a subject. To render visible the process of making can allow a viewer access to the experience, their understanding of a subject can be infused with a sense of time and action used in its creation.
As a developmental Strategy Equivalents Between Material, Process and Subject requires understanding of the necessary impact of material and process on the subject of an artwork even if it does not become of overriding importance to a body of work. Simply ask yourself what the qualities of the material and process you are using may contribute to the subject you are working with.

The activity of liquids moving at temperature in the kiln and the volatile environment of the sagga firing carried distinctive symbolic resonance in Rebecca’s work. Evidence of these processes left behind on the final artwork created intriguing narratives without the need for more obvious dramatisation.


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