So @documentally asked me yesterday about what we can use for switching lots of sources for a reuters project. here you can see a test in rezpondr using bambuser as the main source with controls over on bambuser to operate it.

what would be great now is if bambuser expanded on this feature to allow more than 4 cameras or at least give us the option to ping from a phone back to the editor that they wanted to go live (they just got an interview setup?) maybe by pressing a key twice to go tell editor to go live or maybe a preview for the editor to make that decision anyway?

the way i would work this setup.

1.) main camera feed with great audio
2.) wide camera feed (alternative shot) with same audio
3.) 2 x mobile cameras (bambuser) on wifi (nokia or iphone) or a dedicated hotspot

to make it more awesome the ability to do something like the away brian shaler did the multiview for diggnation so you have all the streams running but you click on what you want to watch would be even more awesome.


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