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Moby on 'Jltf 1':

"Having lived in New York for a long time, there’s a lot of vice and degeneracy – there’s celebratory vice and degeneracy and then there comes a time when vice is no longer celebratory and it becomes a way of life and you’re no longer going out, you’re staying in. This song is about two drug addicts in a relationship who disappeared down the rabbit hole of hardcore drug addiction. Almost everybody I know either is or has been a drug addict. When I was growing up, my mom and her friends did a lot of drugs, but harder drugs always seemed really scary to me. But at some point I realized I became inured through exposure to drug use. Everyone I knew was smoking crack, smoking meth, and shooting speedballs and dying of overdoses and it became normal. So that’s sort of what this song is about: my friends are all junkies and it’s just normal, it doesn’t seem weird anymore, which in and of itself seems really weird. The way drug use is demonized, almost from a Victorian perspective, and I don’t think people should do addictive drugs because they become addicted to them and they’re miserable. But the reason people do drugs more often than not is they want to be happy. We think of drug users as being subhuman and living in gutters and the people who sell drugs are mean people who use guns. At the end of the day, someone who’s doing drugs wants to feel good, like a child eating Oreos. There’s nothing nefarious about their intentions – it’s just someone trying to feel better than they normally would, with that added bonus of nihilism thrown in there. That was the inspiration behind that song."

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