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Alejandro Berger has more than 20 years of worldwide travelling and filming experience, has a unique artistic eye for lifestyle images and is one of the best in the world capturing the action from the water.

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, he lived almost all his life in the famous resort town of Punta del Este.
After finishing school, Alejandro begun his life long trip through the world most fascinating locations.
Extensive travel throughout Indonesia, at times very remote and of the beaten track, but also producing upscale material.

Spents many winters in Hawaii where he learns watercinematography with pioneer and legendary surf filmaker Jack Mccoy.

He has also been accompanying world class surfers on the trips, like Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Greg Long among others. He shot on Japan's exotic islands and Rapa Nui, with Ruanda’s Gorillas in the mist. Has been running with the bulls in Pamplona and walked the chinese Wall just to name a few destinations.He has also produced, shot and edit numerous TV shows for international networks like Espn, Redbull, Discovery Channel, etc

From his producing, filming and watercinematoghraphy, to the logistical knowledge and legitimate surf style he creats, Alejandro makes every production a true work of Art.

He is actually working as a Director of Photography for leader international commercials brands.


- ‘Missing’ 2014 Nikon Surf Movie of the year.

- ‘Castles in the Sky’ Best Cinematography Maui film festival 2010.

- Best cinematography ‘Castles in the Sky’ Surfer Poll Awards 2010

- ‘Sipping jetstreams’ Best Cinematography at the 2007 Sundance X-Dance film festival.

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