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Using various electronic means, I am an artist. Graphic Design, animation, production and postproduction, videography, and photography are not only my passion and skill base, but also my profession.

Many directors and producers have influenced my style and direction, and acted as personal and professional mentors. However, my father, a cinematographer and Visual Arts professor, has been my biggest influence. When I was a young child he would draw cartoons for me, and from my earliest memories I wanted to be able to draw like him. That’s why I started drawing and painting, which led to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design.

When I was only 11 years old, my father purchased a computer for me—an original Commodore 64, which are now fixtures in museums around the world. This simple machine encouraged me to learn how to do computer programming, and began to bridge my artistic pursuits with my love of computers and technology

Photography became a serious hobby at the age of 14 when my father again made a purchase that influenced my life: a camera. He taught me how to use this Russian SLR, taught me about exposure, and provided valuable tips on composition. Growing up in a house involved in the arts I was always around experts in the field, and was lucky enough to have one of Iran’s best photographers as my tutor.

Over time, as computer graphics improved I became obsessed with motion graphics and visual effects. So, I decided to get a masters degree in computer animation, which I obtained in 2004 from the University of Westminster in London.

I returned home to Tehran in 2005 and began teaching computer graphics and animation at some of the best universities in Iran. Teaching helped me keep my knowledge up to date, and helped me expand my knowledge of new tools and techniques.

Professionally, I have worked in many different fields, which has given me a great understanding about the nature of the media and advertising business. This experience has included cofounding a media production company, which continues to be successful. My skill set now spans from basic graphic and web design to motion graphics and video editing, from production to set design to postproduction, and from still photography to industrial photography and on to motion video.

My skills resemble a Swiss Army knife: the right tool and knowledge for the right job.

I was born on the 31st of January 1975 in Tehran, Iran, and grew up in Iran, France and the United Kingdom. I moved to Auckland in October 2010, and am now making it my new home.

Ardeshir “Harry” Alemi*

*My father named me after a Persian King, Ardeshir, which means the sacred king. But soon everyone realized that this name is not an easy to either pronounce or remember. Ardeshir was shortened to “Ardi” when I was young. Alas, when living in Europe as a kid, Ardi was still difficult for some people to pronounce, so I was given the name “Harry.” I’ve kept that name as my middle name since.

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